D.C. Market - 8ft Table

D.C. Market - 8ft Table


1 8ft wide, 30 inch tall, white table and three white chairs are included with this table choice.

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policy - By joining you agree to the below terms:

      I.          Status of FINERY ROW:  Finery Row/9th Group (hereinafter referred to as Management) makes no guarantee of the outcome of any of its EXHIBITOR’s efforts during or post event/pop-up. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed or construed to create a relationship of employment, or of principal and agent, partnership, co- or joint employer or joint venture, MANAGEMENT shall not permit any of its officers, directors, agents, employees, representatives, supervisors, successors, assigns, employees, or subcontractors to represent or hold out itself or themselves as agents, supervisors, servants, employees, or representatives of EXHIBITOR or as authorized to make any commitment to incur any obligation on behalf of EXHIBITOR. FINERY ROW takes NO percentage of sales during Pop Up Event.

    II.          Limitation of Liability : Both parties hereby agree to indemnify, defend and protect the other party and facility, and hold them harmless against any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damage, loss, costs, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind or nature which might arise out of any action or failure to act of respective the parties or any of their officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, including but not limited to damage or loss of property or harm or injury to a person or persons. Neither party, nor any of their officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, shall be accountable or liable for, and the same are hereby released from accountability or liability for, any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person or any property of the opposite party or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives resulting from, or arising out of , the negligence of the other party, its agents and employees, or the negligence of any other persons present at the Event, or from the theft, fire, water, accident or any other cause.

  III.          Insurance: MANAGEMENT is not responsible for the loss or damage of EXHIBITORS property during Pop Up Event, and in the event the EXHIBITOR desires to have the goods, samples and other property brought upon the exhibition premises insured against loss due to any cause, he shall obtain such insurance at his own expense. The EXHIBITOR shall, at no cost to Management, obtain 1) liability and property damage insurance from responsible insurance companies, authorized to sell this insurance, and include the broad form liability. 2) worker’s compensation employer’s liability insurance for his own employees. (insurance required for date of event)

  IV.          Amendment to the rules: MANAGEMENT reserves the right to adopt, orally or in writing, or change, any rule or regulation, if MANAGEMENT deems such action necessary for the good of the Event. Said action shall have the same force and authority as though fully incorporated into the agreement herein.

    V.          Event Location: If the Management is forced to change the location of the event due to a fire, because the location closed its doors, or a similar reason outside the Management's control, no refund will be due the EXHIBITOR AS LONG AS DATE IS UPHELD AND NEW VENUE IS LOCATED IN DC .In the event of such a change MANAGEMENT shall assign to the EXHIBITOR, in lieu of the original space, such other space IN THE AREA as the MANAGEMENT team deems appropriate and similar in standard to currently agreed upon space, and the EXHIBITOR agrees to use such space under the terms of this agreement. Table location is not guaranteed however MANAGEMENT agrees to assign EXHIBITOR a space that is aligned with EXHIBITORS price and aesthetic values.

  VI.         Use of Name and Images. You acknowledge that we may use your name, logo and any images/videos of you or your exhibition space that we capture at the event for promotional and marketing purposes at no charge.

VII.         Your Performance. You acknowledge that your success at the event will depend largely on factors that you control, such as: the quality and pricing of your collection; the quality and frequency of pre-event promotion/outreach you conduct; the appearance and layout of your display; the attractiveness of your in-event promotions during the pop-up; and the appearance, preparedness, friendliness and helpfulness of you and your staff.

VIII.       Attendance and traffic. We make every reasonable effort to maximize attendance on the day of event. We cannot guarantee, or be held responsible for who actually shows up – their number, how long they stay, or how many of them stop by your Exhibition space.

  IX.          Disputes: MANAGEMENT and EXHIBITOR agree that any dispute arising out of this agreement shall be governed by the internal laws of the State of Maryland, and in any suit arising therefrom the EXHIBITOR hereby agrees to submit itself to the jurisdiction of such courts of the State of Maryland and that venue for any such suit shall lie in Howard County.

Disparagement:  During the Term and thereafter, Exhibitor agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm MANAGEMENT their reputation, the opinions of other EXHIBITORS, or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to MANAGEMENT

 I fully understand that this is a binding agreement to exhibit during FINERY ROW DC EDIT - September 21-22 2019. owned and operated by 9th Group LLC. I further understand that by paying the associated fees I am making the choice to exhibit which subject to the terms, conditions, rules and regulations set forth herein in the above Terms.

In the event I decide to forgo attending I also understand all of my payments made to that point are non-refundable, but may be transferable if paid in full, depending on the status and registration of the subsequent event. My Exhibition fee guarantees me a 8 FT table, three chairs, and a position within the Exhibition space. I understand that any individual result is not guaranteed