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NYC | December 7-8, 2019
MIAMI | April 3-4, 2020 (early registration ends October 14th)




What Sets Us Apart…

“Sure, shoppers can go to retail stores and find some of these designers’ pieces. But they won’t find all of them, and I think the key here is that customers can actually meet the people creating their jewelry. Who better to tell their own stories—to share their inspiration, offer anecdotes, and see firsthand the customer reaction—than the designers themselves? In the same vein, how better to be sold on a piece of jewelry than by the person who crafted it? Many of us are striving to put our money into purchases that we can fully understand: We know where it came from, what its influence has been. That’s not always possible, but in this venue, it’s a little bit easier.”



Jewelry Designers are looking for viable ways to build their customer base, get crucial feedback from shoppers, and actually sell jewelry.

While it may seem old fashioned in the midst of the e-commerce boom, many designers are finding that despite digital popularity - nothing beats face-to-face time with their customers. And to rack up sales, many of them are spending months on the road with their most recent collection, armed with the knowledge that $4,000 rings don’t just sell themselves.

But what does a Designer do who isn’t aligned with a store who can host them? What is the workaround for a Brand who doesn’t want to give a percentage to the retailer?

FINERY ROW is a traveling "TRUNK SHOW" presenting 25 global Jewelry Designers to Consumers. With various dates across the country in cities like Washington DC, Miami, Austin, and Philadelphia, Designers now have an independent opportunity to step out of the cases, away from the pages, and be felt, worn, and discovered.

Consumers drive the market. Finery Row brings them the Brands and Merchants they need to shop.


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