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Washington DC | 1343 L St NW DC

September 21-22nd

NYC | December 7-8




Jewelry Designers are increasingly looking for viable ways to build their customer base, get crucial feedback from shoppers, and actually sell jewelry.

While it may seem old fashioned in the midst of the e-commerce boom, many designers are finding that nothing beats face-to-face time with their customers. And to rack up sales, many of them are spending months on the road with their most recent collection, armed with the knowledge that $4,000 rings don’t just sell themselves.

The Trunk Show/Pop Up model grants designers an opportunity to educate customers and relay the back story of the brand which is important for today's jewelry consumer (especially self purchasing women and millennial’s) who seeks to relate - and in some way have a connection to what he or she is wearing.

FINERY ROW is a traveling "TRUNK SHOW" marketplace offering 25 Jewelry Designers per city an opportunity to build a human connection with Consumers. With various dates across major markets like Washington DC, New York City, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and Dallas Designers are now given multiple opportunities to step out of the cases, away from the pages, and be felt, worn, and discovered.

Consumers drive the market. Finery Row brings them the Brands and Merchants they need to shop.



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